Builders Risk Insurance for Homeowners: Why It’s Essential


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Owning a home is a significant investment, and many homeowners often find themselves undertaking construction or remodeling projects to improve their living space. However, it’s crucial to understand that homeowners insurance alone may not provide sufficient coverage during the course of construction. This is where builders risk insurance comes into play. In this article, we will explore the reasons why homeowners need builders risk insurance and how it offers comprehensive protection for construction projects.

1. Builders Risk Insurance Offers Broader Coverage

Builders risk insurance is a specialized coverage option that provides comprehensive insurance during the construction or remodeling of a home. Unlike adding coverages to a homeowners policy, builders risk insurance offers a broader scope of coverage under one policy. This means that homeowners can safeguard their project against a wide range of perils, including theft of building materials, fire, vandalism, property in transit or storage, and property owned by subcontractors and suppliers. Endorsements can also be added to protect against natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and windstorms, as well as other potential risks. With builders risk insurance, homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that they are adequately protected throughout the construction process.

2. Builders Risk Insurance Provides Higher Coverage Limits

One of the significant benefits of builders risk insurance is that it offers higher coverage limits compared to a typical homeowners policy. For example, if debris needs to be removed after a loss, builders risk insurance covers up to $50,000 for projects up to $5 million and $100,000 for project values over $5 million. In contrast, homeowners insurance usually limits debris removal coverage to 5% of the dwelling’s cost, with separate limits for tree removal. Additionally, builders risk insurance covers other specialized aspects of construction, such as the replacement of damaged construction scaffolding. With typical homeowners insurance, such coverage may not even be available. Builders risk insurance allows homeowners to secure robust coverage for projects valued up to $75 million, with the flexibility to increase sub-limits to meet specific project needs.

3. Builders Risk Insurance Offers Favorable Policy Terms

Builders risk insurance also stands out due to its more favorable policy terms. For home remodeling projects covered by builders risk insurance, the policy term can vary between six, nine, or twelve months, with the possibility of extending coverage pending underwriting review and approval. Homeowners can also choose to protect their home for the duration of the renovation only or for both the renovation and the existing structure. In the case of new dwellings under construction, the standard policy term is typically twelve months. This type of policy can be renewed with underwriting approval, providing homeowners with the flexibility they need to protect their investment.

4. Builders Risk Insurance Minimizes Homeowners Insurance Claims

Having builders risk insurance can significantly reduce the number of claims homeowners need to file under their homeowners policy. In the event of a covered loss during construction, homeowners can file a claim under their builders risk policy, relieving them of concerns about potential policy cancellations or rate increases by their homeowners insurance company. By having builders risk insurance in place, homeowners can protect their investment and avoid potentially costly losses not typically covered by permanent property policies.


Q: Does homeowners insurance cover construction or remodeling projects?
A: No, homeowners insurance alone does not provide comprehensive coverage for construction or remodeling projects. Builders risk insurance is necessary to ensure adequate protection during the course of construction.

Q: How long does builders risk insurance coverage last?
A: Builders risk insurance coverage can range from six to twelve months, depending on the nature of the project. Extensions may be available pending underwriting review and approval.

Q: Can builders risk insurance cover natural disasters?
A: Yes, with additional coverage endorsements, builders risk insurance can protect against natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and windstorms.


When it comes to construction or remodeling projects, homeowners need more than just a standard homeowners insurance policy. Builders risk insurance provides comprehensive coverage, higher limits, favorable policy terms, and minimizes homeowners insurance claims. By understanding the significance of builders risk insurance, homeowners can protect their investment, avoid unexpected financial losses, and ensure a smooth construction process. If you’re planning a construction or remodeling project, consult with an insurance expert to discuss builders risk insurance and its benefits. Don’t leave your project vulnerable to unforeseen risks—protect it with builders risk insurance today.